What is GEMT?

Guided Empathy Meridian Tapping (GEMT) is a holistic adventure and a therapeutic intervention for replacing victimhood with self-responsibility. This heals what we call “Victim Disease.” It does this by first bringing ease to what has manifested, not to fix, modify, neutralize, or remove any issue. When there is ease about the ailment, the cause is readily found as the misperception of victimhood developed early in life. The ultimate goal of GEMT is to facilitate the client’s understanding that she is not a victim and is responsible for manifesting her ailment so that she can choose to heal it.

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GEMT Scientific Hypothesis

We have yet to prove in scientific terms how the GEMT method of healing works. However, by researching similar physiological conditions and effects, we believe our logical explanations can be used as a reasonable theory. 

  1. Prior to the client choosing her issue and establishing a beginning Subjective Units of Distress Scale (SUDS) level, she feels a sense of safety, clarity and higher cognitive functions by experiencing heart coherence from positive emotions.
  2. The client’s chosen issue is viewed as a result of classical conditioning originating at an event prior to the age of eight.
  3. The emotional anesthesia from the bilateral stimulation of acupressure points allows the client to confront the event with minimal discomfort.
  4. As the practitioner empathetically offers a plausible beneficial explanation of why she might choose to create such an event, her mirror neurons provide her the experience of being the creator.
  5. Perceiving herself as the creator instead of the victim, her body regains stress-resilience by the release and rebalancing of the neurochemical neuropeptide Y (NPY).
  6. The difference in SUDS level at the end of the session confirms to her subconscious that healing has happened.

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The GEMT Method
When you see “tapping,” you might think GEMT is similar to other tapping modalities such as Thought Field Therapy (TFT) or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). However, because of GEMT’s unique approach to healing, we ask you to set aside any knowledge you might have of other tapping modalities, other than the tapping points, while learning GEMT. GEMT is not similar to other tapping modalities because it does not focus on fixing, modifying, or removing symptoms, seeing them as an effect, not a cause.

Whether physical or emotional, GEMT treats all ailments as emotional dis-ease and views physical issues as negative emotions stored in the body. All physical diseases and discomforts have an emotional element. When working with a physical issue it is first converted to an emotion, so that the core emotional event can be found. When working with emotional issues we typically can jump straight to the core issue. GEMT treats all ailments as emotional dis-ease.

Meridian tapping itself does not do the healing, but it provides what we call a temporary “emotional anesthesia” which reduces negative emotions and defensiveness about the ailment, so that practitioners can empathetically guide clients to a perspective that their ailment has value. The suggested value is that the ailment is an indicator of a much bigger issue buried in the client’s subconscious that has similar emotions. Once guided back to the earlier issue, the practitioner intuitively offers her a plausible beneficial explanation for why the distressing situation occurred, helping her take responsibility for it. The client gains the understanding that she can choose to heal her ailment once she accepts responsibility for it. This understanding produces an internal shift that often has profound life-changing effects.

The four components of a GEMT session are:

● The practitioner has enough empathetic influence to guide the client.
● The client has a lower defensiveness when tapping on meridian points.
● The client physically and verbally participates in the healing process.
● The practitioner is able to guide the client to perceive value for her difficult situation.

One of the unique qualities that makes GEMT different from other modalities is that it does not focus on healing the dis-ease; it focuses on healing the reaction to the dis-ease, and when the reaction is healed (understood, transformed, transmuted) there no longer seems to be a need or use for the dis-ease. A negative reaction can be interpreted as a response learned while experiencing a feeling of victimhood. The GEMT perspective is to view a current negative reaction as a valuable opportunity to change misperceptions developed earlier in life.

Based on the theory that every current action is based on a previous action; we offer the idea that a change in our interpretation of a past action will have a ripple effect on interpreting subsequent actions. Wanting or wishing for a different past is essentially being in discord with all that is now. We feel there is no greater dis-ease than to be in resistance to the past, which is unchangeable. GEMT focuses on finding value for a past event and accepting it. This creates an ease that can only come from accepting the past.

Beneficial Side Effects
Clients have reported profound life changes effects as a result of a GEMT session. We cannot ignore the comments of the many GEMT clients who claim that overcoming their dis-ease was one of their most important accomplishments. Great and rapid explicit and implicit learning has occurred in these clients through the understanding that their suffering is a result of their own choices. Clients have reported improved relationships, life balance, abundance, success and overall well-being. The most valuable side effect of GEMT is the client’s realization that they are responsible for ALL of their life experiences.

Some of the reported beneficial realization side effects are:
● Everything has value, and suffering and dis-ease are no exception
● A situation has a purpose regardless of whether it is perceived as good or bad
● At certain times we all innocently play healing roles for each other
● Judging and condemning is unhealthy for everyone
● We all have the power to heal ourselves
● We are much more powerful than we believe we are
● We can reclaim our power to love unconditionally

Most clients experience these or other life-changing “aha!” moments as side effects. However, this is not the reason or the focus of the GEMT session. The ultimate goal of GEMT is to facilitate the client’s understanding that she is not a victim and is responsible for manifesting her ailment.