“Robert and Dorthy are great teachers with decades of experience in the tapping and healing fields. As I have been learning many of the tapping healing techniques available on the table, and GEMT is at the top of my list, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be certified by them.

GEMT provides us with a channel to have a meaningful dialogue with our higher self and to deeply reaffirm our true value to ourselves (we are the creators of our lives, not victims) as well as to discover why we have chosen to take on the roles we have in this lifetime. GEMT is unique in that it takes us to the depths of our hidden value, which other tapping techniques do not do.

The result of other tapping techniques is like building a safety shield against the outward world with similar future stressors in our life and that’s it, while GEMT opens a door for us in allowing us to embrace our future with confidence, strength, resilience and a more proactive approach to spiritual growth.” – Fall 2021 GEMT Student – Karen C